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What is is a Bangalore based live streaming service, which helps sharing your event and celebrations with your loved ones across the globe.The world currently is facing a global pandemic, that has created massive barriers between people who are dispersed across the world in this challenging times. Yet, thanks to technology-people can be part of events virtually from anywhere across the globe, bringing happiness and joy to people’s lives. And we are striving to connect people together. 

How does it work and what is the reliability? uses the latest network technology, that combines speeds from different telecom providers, creating a bigger, more reliable pipe of data to be transmitted online. We give the highest priority to network stability and reliability, hence making your trusted partner in making sure that the event gets streamed in the highest quality possible with minimal latency. 

What are the platforms do you livestream in? 

When it comes to your final interface of viewing, we offer multiple options depending on your choice of streaming. Currently, we support 1080p streaming in Youtube, 720p over Facebook. We can also provide streaming over Vimeo, twitch or periscope upon request. 

My venue is an outdoor setup and I am sure there won’t be any way to get power connections for your setup, would you still be able to help?

That is where we come into picture! Our equipments are completely wireless, with the ability to cover events upto 8-10 hours with no necessity of additional baggages like a laptop, capture cards or even additional manpower. The single person handling the camera can take care of everything. However, the case of streaming a multi-camera production, logistics need support and a wired system in place.

I am a Business, and would like to avail your services in live streaming with my branding on the live feed, would it be possible? 

Absolutely! We currently are working with various clients, providing them end to end branding, including watermarks, overlays and even an End screen that will take you to your desired homepage. However, this is our premium offering with additional costing. 

Do I need an app to watch the live event?

All you need is a reliable internet connection on your smartphone or PC with browser Google Chrome or Safari. You can also use the Youtube app to watch the video streamed over Youtube. Our recommended speed is a minimum 10 mbps internet connection

Can I relive the event after the Livestream has ended?

Absolutely! We will have the video up on the link for 6 months after the event.

Is my video private? 

Only friends and families with your live stream page URL can view your live stream.

What is your pricing? 

We currently work on a project by project basis, customise your requirements and quote accordingly. However, rest assured our prices are competitive with no compromise in quality. Please visit our contact page for more details.