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Live Streaming – Do’s and Dont’s for the best results

Live Streaming can be a very effective tool to connect to a vast majority of people virtually – but when it goes wrong, all hell breaks loose.

As with any type of video production, creating a successful experience comes with several factors in place. The same hold true for Live Streaming as well.

Here are a few live streaming tips, Dos and Donts to remember :

Plan your stream in advance

The most impotant word for a successful livestream – Plan, Plan & Plan! Any amount of planning sometimes feels less when it comes to event production.

Planning any stream involves the following important pointers

  • The kind of event (Weddings, Concerts, Social Gatherings)
  • Platform for streaming (Vimeo, Youtube, Facebook)
  • Date and time to schedule the stream (So that the audience can prepare their schedule in advance)
  • Quality and Bandwidth (Resolution you intend to stream, is it multiple destinations)

Testing your stream

It is always recommended to conduct a recce to the venue and test the stream so that it is important to know the ground reality. Always keep in mind that no matter how much planning takes place, testing and planning ahead for scenarios that can happen is very important. Always have a backup plan if one of the network fails – carry multiple network options all the time.

KISS – Keeping it Simple and Sweet

Overcomplicating any equipment or setup is the most common mistakes people do. Keeping it in mind that the more technical complexities increase, the high chances of failure rate. Understand your final customer and deliver according to the same. Trying to “show gimmicks” and graphical wizardry leads to complications

Delegate someone to monitor your stream

When it’s finally time to go live, don’t go blind. Always have an extra set of eyes ( could be a friend, colleague) to keep checking on the final video on the platform. Keeping an eye ensures that a plan B can be executed immediately in case of any fluctuating scenarios.

Engage with your audience

Engaging with your audience plays a vital role in ensuring everything goes as per plan. A simple pointer of letting the virtual audience know in case of delays, or technical difficulties help in making the entire experience more intuitive and interactive.

Our Final thoughts

A successful live stream comes down to thorough planning & prep : schedule for your streams, testing your equipment and always having a backup plan makes your stream go smooth and efficient.

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-Team Streamcast.