Why live streaming your wedding is the way to go?

Your wedding will be filled with happiness and memorable moments with the witness of your lovely family and friends. And live streaming allows all your family and friends to share the celebration of your wedding ceremony even if they are unable to attend the event in person. Think about your friends living across the oceans, family members who got sick and have to stay at home, or simply Facebook friends who’d wish to witness your wedding but cannot possibly fit in your venue.

1.You have guests might not be able to make to your wedding

Some guests may know far in advance that they won’t be able to attend your wedding, perhaps for health or travel reasons, or even due to a conflicting wedding. Live streaming your events in Bangalore makes much sense when guests may plan to come to your wedding, but their travel plans, unfortunately, may be interrupted (think about the COVID-19 Pandemic which lead to many travel restrictions). You’ve put a lot of thought into who you want to witness your wedding, and live-streaming provides a plan B for all your guests that cannot show up physically.

2. Connect with anyone virtually

Considering how globally connected we are these days, live streaming your wedding gives an opportunity for you to share your moments with anyone connected to the internet. This also could be apt for elders and people who might be too old/not in good health to travel just for the event. It also gives you a bigger opportunity to showcase your event on Facebook, to all your friends on an instant basis!

3. You are having a destination wedding

A destination wedding might be a great idea, for all loved ones able to physically attend. However, inviting many of your friends and families to a remote location can be challenging. Live streaming enables you to share the beautiful exotic scenery on your special day with all who cannot make it.

Of course, it is your big day, so you should do what makes you and your partner feel the happiest. If you are considering live streaming in Bangalore and wanting to know how it can be done, please contact at the team at streamcast.in, and we will be happy to help.